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Wes Van Dyke, 34, is a life long resident of Agoura Hills, California. Born into a family of actors, son of Barry Van Dyke and grandson of Dick Van Dyke, Wes took his creativity in a different direction. He attended St. Jude the Apostle School in Westlake Village and discovered his artistic talents early, starting classes in the sixth grade. Encouraged by his eighth grade teacher, Wes continued into High School at Crespi Carmelite in Encino, where he quickly became known for his oil paintings. By his senior year, Wes kept busy by taking orders from many of his fellow students and teachers. Wes continued to study art after High School at Moorpark College.  His first real inspiration to pursue art  as a career came from Art Teacher Frank Sardisco.  Wes studied with Frank for several yearsbefore he sadly passed away in 2006. The teacher convinced him of his potential and urged him to make the most of his talents. Wes, who had developed astrong bond with Mr. Sardisco, followed his advice and has

not stopped painting since.


Wes has a love for the outdoors and this passion has inspired much of his art. Having surfed since he was five, he feels a strong connection with the ocean. It is no surprise that many of his early paintings were of beautiful seascapes. He's also spent much of his life camping and fishing in the mountains and his love of that environment is evident in many of his pieces. He continues to explore and study new subjects, but the ocean seems to be at the heart of his work.


Wes believes keeping an open mind to all forms of art is beneficial.  He likes to try different styles and mediums, and his body of work reflects that.  “Variety is what keeps it interesting," Wes says. "You have to keep learning.” Realistic landscapes and seascapes are still his favorite, however, and he captures those scenes with an almost photo realistic affect. Remarkably each painting averages only 40 hours of work, but Wes says once he starts it's hard for him to stop. His thirst for perfection and love for art are what drive him.

Starting art shows in 2008, Wes's work quickly drew attention. In his first three years he was asked to be featured artist in over half the shows he entered. With a strong following and support system in his hometown, Wes just keeps getting better and better and has developed a following all across the country. He's even been commissioned as far as Australia and England. 


​Wes paints in his home studio in Agoura Hills and still uses his first easel, given to him by his grandparents twelve years ago. They, along with the rest of his family and friends, have supported and encouraged him from the beginning. Wes's love for painting grows with each new project and he looks forward to making art his life’s work.

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